SIM - Space Integration Module, pushing learning to the outer limits

SIM 2022/2023

Greetings Sixth-Grade Teachers,

The SIM team is excited to welcome in-person classes this school year! We plan to see each class scheduled at Fremont this year, but unfortunately we were unable to accommodate every single class that was interested. Please check the mission schedule to see if you have been placed on the schedule for Fremont this year. Scheduling for 2023/2024 will begin in April, please contact Karri West x20271 to request information for placement on the mission calendar.

Each school year Mesa Public Schools’ sixth graders participate in an extraordinary adventure in learning! Students eagerly arrive at the Space Integration Module (SIM) ready for a student-led mission to explore galaxy.

SIM provides an environment where students are problem solvers, innovators, makers, inventors and engineers applying knowledge in a relevant situation. With an emphasis on 21st century skills and aligned to sixth grade standards, students are immersed in STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering and Math – preparing them to be the leaders of tomorrow.

Thank you to Boeing for their ongoing support

students interact with components of the SIM mission

SIM Instructor

Karri West

Fremont Jr. High

480.472.8370 (Fremont)

480.472.0271 (SSRC)