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"I Have a Dream" Mobiles Activity Celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s historic "I Have a Dream" speech by creating and decorating this mobile that inspires you to think about your own dreams--for your community, your country, and the world.
"Walk to Freedom" - Detroit 1963 Though the "Walk to Freedom" drew over 125,000 people from both the Labor and Civil Rights movement, it did not convert to changing discriminatory practices.
Beloved Community Teach-In from the King Center (All grades) In this lesson, the Beloved Community Teach-In educates people of all ages about Dr. and Mrs. King’s legacy and how to champion completion of their unfinished work.
Black History Month NonFiction Text February is Black History Month. Here are a few helpful non-fiction passages and research-based question sets about a variety of topics and historical figures related to its observance. You may need to set up a FREE account.
Breaking Barriers Lesson Plan Provides students with first-hand experience about how African-American individuals have broken barriers to racial integration in the United States, achieving equal rights and making lasting contributions to the country’s political, social and cultural development.
Changemakers of the Civil Rights Era (Grades 6-8) An iCivics series of short, animated videos that examine the actions and accomplishments of civil rights activists of the 1950’s and 60’s.
Civil Rights Civil Rights Movement activist and political leader Andrew Young recounts Dr. King's release from Birmingham jail and the Selma March.
Classroom Resources for Martin Luther King Jr. Day ( NEA) Lesson plans, activity ideas, and other resources for teaching MLK Day
Do's and Don'ts of Celebrating MLK Day Reflect on the life and legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr. and keep the conversation going beyond the national holiday
Dr. King's Dream: Lesson Plan In this lesson, students will learn about the life and work of civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr. Includes primary sources. From the National Endowment for the Humanities.
EconEdLink Grades 6-12 Lesson Plan A lesson plan from EconEdLink that provides context and resources to aid students in understanding how the Civil Rights Movement Developed.
From Bill to Law - How MLK Day became a federal holiday This iCivics WebQuest, Legislating for Holiday, not only provides students with an opportunity to explore King's many contributions to the Civil Rights Movement, but will also help them learn how a bill becomes a law. Students can embark on the WebQuest on their own or you can use the resources and prompts to guide whole-class discussions.
How Big Are Martin's Big Words? Thinking Big about the Future (Grades 3-5) This mini-lesson tells of Dr. King's childhood determination to use "big words" through biographical information and quotations.
How to explain Martin Luther King Day to kids Everything you need to learn and teach about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
Identifying with a Hero (Grades K-2) This lesson explores ways to help students identify with Dr. King through reading, writing, listening, and speaking activities that provide a glimpse into Dr. King's life.
Key Events of the Civil Rights Movement In this lesson, journalist Callie Crossly asks experts about the origins of the civil rights movement and its early beginnings after the second World War.
Last Days of Martin Luther King, Jr. In this lesson, Ryan Jones, Historian at the National Civil Rights Museum, talks about the circumstances leading to Martin Luther King, Jr.'s visit in Memphis before he was assassinated.
Let Freedom Ring: The Life & Legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr. (Grades 3-5) In this lesson, students will learn about the life and work of Dr. King and will listen to a brief biography, view photographs of the March on Washington, and read a portion of Dr. King's "I Have a Dream" speech.
Letter from Birmingham Jail In this lesson, Ahmad Ward from the Birmingham Civil RIghts Institute gives a brief explanation of Martin Luther King Jr.'s Letter from Birmingham Jail.
Martin Luther King Jr. (Discovery Education) Access this by logging in through Clever. Lessons, short and full videos, and images of Martin Luther King Jr.
Martin Luther King Jr. (National Archives) Educational activities and resources surrounding Martin Luther King Jr.
Martin Luther King Jr. Civil Rights Leader In this lesson, students will watch a video about Dr. King that emphasizes his commitment to nonviolence.
Martin Luther King, Jr. Crossword Challenge your Martin Luther King, Jr. knowledge with this printable crossword puzzle.
MLK Activities Websites and printables about MLK Jr. Day and other famous people. Great for primary grades.
MLK Day: Five Education World Resources Education World has gathered five lesson plans, resources and activities for teachers to use to teach about Martin Luther King, Jr.
MLK Jr. Day/Black History Month (NCSS) Lessons and activities for elementary, middle, and high school
MLK Resource Links Includes information on other famous African Americans.
National Civil Rights Museum Resources and materials for teaching the struggle for freedom and justice to students.
Riots - Washington, DC 1968 Author and Historian Samuel Walker discussed the damage done during the Washington, DC Riots of 1968, as well as the cause of the unrest.
Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Felicia Bell and Rickey Brown of the Rosa Parks Museum talk about Rosa Parks and her impact on the Civil Rights Movement.
Sanitation Strike - Memphis 1968 Historian Ryan Jones explained the events leading up to the strike and the role it played in bringing Martin Luther King, Jr. to Memphis for the final time.
Science Experiment A science experiment that teaches about diversity. Good for all ages.
Sit-Ins during the Civil Rights Movement In this lesson, author Christopher Schmidt talks about the Greensboro, NC sit-in and how it inspired future demonstrations.
Sixteenth Street Baptist Church Bombing - 1963 The Reverend Arthur Price talked about the history of the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church and the bombing of the church that occurred in 1963.
Teaching Tolerance (Grades K-6) Lots of lesson ideas for K-6
The Fight for Civil Rights (Grades 3-5) In this lesson, students will discover that Martin Luther King, Jr. and other activists fought for civil rights by exercising their First Amendment rights.
The King Center A digital archive about the life of Dr. King Jr.
Timeline Activity Great idea for reading a book about MLK Jr. and then have each student create a picture to go along with a fact. Student samples are shown. Adaptable for lower and upper elementary students.
Virtual Field Trip of Washington, D.C. In this lesson, students provide an introduction to our nation's capital by highlighting some of the significant areas in the city.
What is Diversity? (download) Teaching Diversity to Primary Students