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Educational Apps

ShowMe Interactive Whiteboard

Record voice-over whiteboard tutorials and share them online.


Combines screen casting, desktop control, and interactive whiteboard so you never have to turn your back to your students.


Poll your class for free without student devices. Uses

Your World

Learn countries, capitals, and landmarks. Practice by placing them on blank globes. Great graphics!

Stack the States

Game to learn about the 50 states- shapes, geographic locations, capitals, flags, etc.

Maps Jigsaw Puzzle

Online world maps turned into puzzles


Students can use their smartphones to participate in quizzes

PDF-Notes for iPad

Allows students to digitally complete worksheets. (Free version contains ads)


Updates include PRO & unlocks 5 photo limit. Watermark will appear on output video. Upgrade while 99 cents to avoid watermarks.


Day to day news articles to improve non-fiction literacy in grades 3-12.
Allows adjustable Lexile levels for the each article.

Team Shake

Choose groups for projects. Balance them based on skill, gender, etc. and share, save, and print them.


Save, tag, and share articles, links, videos, and images. Available as browser extension.


Adjust the length of videos and add voiceovers and quizzes.