Stapley becomes an AVID Campus
The 2016-2017 School Year is an exciting one.

AVID travels to ASU Poly Tech

AVID spent a day at ASU PolyTech campus to participate in DiscoveryE Day - Fulton School of Engineering. Students attended a presentation about what classes are required to attend college. An admissions counselor for the School of Engineering gave the students an piece of paper and asked them to turn it into a "Flying Machine". Students were going be judged on three things: accuracy, distance and aesthetics. After the "Flying Machine" test flight, students visited the Expo. White tents where filled with activities such as making silly putty, designing a simple roller coaster and getting wet, then watching a screen that uses thermal imaging to detect moisture, to name a few. The students then moved onto an actual classroom where they participated in a Mars Egg Drop. They had to design a capsule that protected their egg from being broken when dropped from the second floor classroom. This was their favorite activity! Only two out of seven eggs broke, not bad! Finally, they visited the ASU PolyTech Technology Center, where National Robotics Week was being held. Students walked through actual engineering labs and engaged in two demonstrations put on by school professors and undergraduate students. One lab was testing drones and another used a three-dimensional printer and laminate to create robots. It was an amazing day for all students, they even met up with Sparky!

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