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Stapley EdTech Support Page

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Meet the EdTech Trainers

 Laura Sears Justin Vargas  

Our role is to support teaching and learning with technology.  We are available to:

  • Sit down with teachers to review lesson plans, share ideas and help with integrating technology.
  • Be in classrooms to provide support to integrate technology tools into instruction.  This includes modeling lessons.
  • Provide one-on-one or group training for technology tools/software.


Content Specific Tech Tools

Any Content








Social Studies

Student Use- presentations, posters, research and studying

Student Devices

First day using devices with students - checklist with directions for teacher and students

Student Device Inventory Slideshow 

Student Device Assignment Template- keep track of computers students are assigned

Reset Student Passwords - Teachers must enter their AD Credentials, set password to default

I.S. Support Request

For computer, projector, Active Directory, or network issues.