7th Grade Math

This course covers conepts including the study of number sense and operations with an emphasis on integers and rational numbers, ratios and proportions, algebraic thinking, geometry, and problem solving.

Unit 1:  Integers

Unit 2:  Rational Numbers

Unit 3:  Expressions

Unit 4:  Equations and Inequalities

Unit 5:  Ratios and Proportions

Unit 6:  Percents

Unit 7:  Probability

Unit 8:  Statistics

Unit 9:  Geometric Shapes and Angles

Unit 10: Surface Area and Volume

7th Grade Syllabus    7th Grade Homework/Grading Policy

8th Grade Pre- Algebra         

This course covers concepts including equations, geometry, functions, and data analysis.

Unit 1: Equations

Unit 2:  Transformations

Unit 3:  Angles and Triangles

Unit 4:  Graphing and Writing Linear Equations

Unit 5:  Systems of Linear Equations

Unit 6:  Functions

Unit 7:  Real Numbers and Pythagorean Theorem

Unit 8:  Volume and Similar Solids

Unit 9:  Data Analysis and Display

Unit 10:  Exponents and Scientific Notation

Additional Units: Compound Probability & Solving Inequalities    

8th Grade Syllabus    8th Grade Homework/Grading Policy


This year, in order to create an environment where students take responsibility for learning, I expect you to participate in class discussions, in-class and at-home lessons, and collaborative group work.   You will be required to critically think, model your work, and be able to describe and defend your conclusions verbally, with algorithms, and in written paragraph form.  I look forward to a successful year together!