Required Supplies for 7th and 8th Grade Math

1.  Spiral Notebook - Must be used for notes

      - I recommend one that is college ruled

      - You may use a 3-subject spiral notebook for math only for the whole year (Highly Recommend)

      - Notebook for math ONLY.  (Can not be shared with another class)

2.  Loose Leaf Paper (put in binder) Or a Separate Spiral Notebook- Must be used for homework.

      - I recommend college ruled

3.  Pencils (numerous! - regular or mechanical (Plenty of lead if mechanical)

4.  Colored Pens (red, green, purple, etc.) – for grading homework (NOT Blue or Black)

5.  Folder or separate tab in binder – for math papers

6.  Eraser(s)

7.  Ruler (Clear rulers are the best for graphing - I Highly Recommend Clear)

8.  Clear tape or glue stick (I recommend tape)  (Purchase a couple of rolls of tape, we will use daily)

9.  Binder - Can be used for all classes (see #5)

10.  Colored pens (Optional-- I write homework notes in colored pens to stay organized, students seem to do the same)