*MA 32 Honors Geometry Prerequisite: MA 27 and teacher recommendation 2 Sem. — 1 Math Credit Mathematical practices and modeling with mathematics are embedded into standards for honors geometry to include the study of congruence, similarity, right triangles, and trigonometry, circles, expressing geometric properties with equations, and geometric measurement and dimension. Instructional time and learning focuses on five critical areas: (1) Establishing criteria for congruence of geometric figures based on rigid motions: (2) Establishing criteria for similarity of geometric figures based on dilations and proportional reasoning; (3) Develop understanding of informal explanations of circumference, area, and volume formulas; (4) Proving geometric theorems; and (5) Solve problems involving right triangles. In addition, the curriculum includes rigorous proofs, algebraic representations of geometric concepts, transformational geometry and coordinate geometry. NOTE: This is a weighted course.

Supplies Needed:

-2 composition notebooks

-1 pkg graph paper

-3-ring binder with loose leaf paper

-2 black expo/dry erase markers


-Geometry Template that includes a protractor/straight edge


-Computer stylist