How is my child graded?

I have made this part of my class as easy as possible.  Each day is worth 10 points.  With that being said there are 2 catigories that each student must represent daily.  Every student must be in the locker room, dressed and in the correct area with in the time allowed to recieve 5 points.  The other 5 points will given to them through their participation and following of the rules of the activity in class.  Each catigory is worth 45% of the overall grade.

Attendance is the key to success in my class.  If your child misses class for any excused reason, such as band practice, play rehearsal, scheduled appointment of any kind, they will still lose 10 points for the day.  However they will be able to make up the 10 points by either participating in a before or after school make up session.  These can be made ahead of time if the student knows they will miss the class or we can make arrangements after.  Any out of school activity or intramural sports can not be used as make up nor can an unexcused absent be made up.

hand up


My homework policy is simple.  You will receive full credit if handed in complete, accurate and on time.  If a student hands in late work it will be -2 points per day late.  Homework is worth 10% of the overall grade.  There will not be much homework in class so it is important to have it ready to go when asked to do so.

Tardies are cut and dry.  Students are to be inside the locker room before the bell rings and report to their assigned station within the time allowed.  This is usually 5 minutes after the bell rings.  If this becomes a problem -5 points will be deducted from their grade and detentions will be issued.  This is located under the catigory of classwork.

Grades for the week will be updated by the following Monday.  You can view these online using the parent portal.

I hope that your childs time with me is an enjoyable one.  If you or child have any question please contact me as soon as your time permits.