Eighth grade honors language arts is a survey course which includes writing, reading, speaking and listening, and language.  We will be following Arizona's English Language Arts standards.  You can find these standards at the Arizona Department of Education website at https://www.azed.gov/standards-practices/k-12standards/english-language-arts-standards/.  The standards are designed to improve student readiness for post-high school pursuits at universities, colleges, technical schools, or armed services.  Methods and tools used to help students meet these standards are research, vocabulary development, critical and creative thinking skills, critical reading strategies, classroom discussion forums such as Socratic Discussions and Philosophical Chairs, Cooperative Learning, 6 Traits of Writing, the writing process, and technology.  This course is challenging and requires students to be responsible and actively participate.  Students should expect nightly homework which could be reading, writing, vocabulary exercises, language practice, research, or a multimedia project or presentation.