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Biography> I have lived all over the country. I moved to Arizona many years ago and immediately loved it.  I started my original career in various forms of retail and retail management in both sporting goods and technology.  This gave me a wide range of skills and knowledge which I have applied to my current career in Education.  My goal is to take my real world knowledge of the work place, technology, work ethic, and organization and share that with my students so they can be successful students and adults later in life.  I started my path towards a career in Education as a paraprofessional working with students on the autism spectrum and various emotional disabilities.  I also later taught online in various settings.  I wrapped up my time at ASU and earned my B.Ed.  Then I earned my M.Ed at NAU.  My first official teaching gig was at a k-8 school where I taught 5th grade social studies, writing, and science.  I am excited to be teaching the following classes this year...
  • CB02: Computer Essentials
  • CB13: Computer Graphics
  • CB05: Animation Studio
Picture of Mr. Kramer playing ice hockeyI love sports and have played most of them at one point or another in my life.  The one that really stuck was hockey.  I still play recreationally a few times a week.  This gives me perspective as I know how to balance sports and school, which is something else I can share with my students.  I will also stress the importance of having a back-up plan (like good grades and marketable skills) in case of injuries or even life happening.

This will be my 7th year teaching and 6th year at Stapley Junior High.  I look forward to another great school year. Go Saber Cats!


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