School supply clip art

SUPPLIES> Since my classes are mostly online, there are very few items you will need for class…

  • Students are expected to bring their own earphones/earbuds to class.  Preferably something with a case as this prevents tangling, damage, and/or loss.  The student laptops support Bluetooth but wired earphones are fine.(mandatory)
  • Your school issued laptop and charger. (mandatory)
  • Something to write with...pencils and/or pens. (mandatory)
  • two-pocket folder. (mandatory)
  • Students are expected to bring their school provided planner to class daily.  You'll receive this on the first day.  If you lose it, replacement cost is $5 from the bookstore. (mandatory)
  • It would be greatly appreciated if Kleenexhand sanitizer, and Clorox/Lysol wipes were donated as it helps keep the computer lab clean and helps avoid spreading sickness. (optional)