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Office Staff
Dannaray Lott Secretary to the Principal (480) 472-9025
Estela Montano Office Specialist (480) 472-9026
Associate Teachers
Mackenzie Herr Instructional Staff
Bailey Manista Instructional Staff
Madison O'donnal Instructional Staff
Kimberly Pugmire Instructional Staff
Morgan Schenk Instructional Staff
Jorie Zeal Instructional Staff
Gifted & Talented
Instructional Support
Meghan Zins Title I Specialist (480) 472-9057
Nicole Cumberledge Instructional Coach (480) 472-9003
Theresa Sehl Reading Interventionist (480) 472-9003
Media Center
Shannah Newman (480) 472-9041
Music Education
Physical Education
Richard Edgar Elementary Physical Education (480) 472-9037
Courtney Teatro Elementary Physical Education (480) 472-9036
Special Education
Support Staff
Karen Burrington Cafeteria Manager (480) 472-9038
Shanen Norlin Counselor (480) 472-9001