The Mesa Public Schools strategic plan was developed using the High Performance Model designed by the Partnership for Excellence. The High Performance Model helps education organizations become leaders of their own learning. It is a blueprint for success. The blueprint involves the development of an organization's strategic plan which is built around ongoing thorough assessment of internal processes and capabilities. The model addresses the interconnectedness of all factors, internal and external, that will influence the journey along the path to high performance excellence.

The High performance Model incorporates the philosophy and principles of quality management. It combines research, philosophy, and understandable processes to assist all levels within education organizations. The following four drivers within the High Performance Model promote the assurance of continuous improvement over time:

  • Leaders at All Levels means that people at every level of education must be empowered to take on responsibility and leadership necessary to achieve success.
  • Core Values ask, “What do we believe about students and learning?” The High Performance Model is based on these eleven Core Values seen in high performance organizations:
Learning-Centered Education
Visionary Leadership
Systems Perspective
Organizational & Personal Learning
Managing for Innovation
Focus on the Future
Management by Fact
Valuing Faculty, Staff and Parents
Social Responsibility
Focusing on Results & Creating Value
  • Customer Focus stresses identifying customers and listening to their wants and expectations. It translates these wants and needs into priorities from which goals are developed.
  • Systems Thinking is about alignment. It is making sure that what is done in classrooms is connected to school, district, state, and national goals. Appropriate alignment achieved only through daily focused review and adjustment of practices and policies to established goals.

The High Performance Model is the organizational system used by consultants, Partnership for Excellence, 405 Commons Walk Circle, Cary, NC 27519. It is printed in this strategic plan with permission.