Priorities and Goals

The Charting Excellence committee was charged with classifying and condensing the contributions of over 11,000 recommendations from the community. Over a period of several months, committee members carefully reviewed the inputs received, and established the following priorities and goals:

Priority #1: Learning and Achievement

  • Goal 1-1 Provide educational offerings which maximize learning and achievement by meeting individual student’s varied needs and interests.
  • Goal 1-2 Maximize the efficient and effective use of time, resources, and staff to ensure academic excellence.
  • Goal 1-3 Monitor and support the academic progress of students.
  • Goal 1-4 Expect all stakeholders to take personal responsibility for student learning.

Priority #2: Relevant and High-Quality Comprehensive Curriculum

  • Goal 2-1 Develop and implement a comprehensive, relevant curriculum that is aligned with state academic standards.
  • Goal 2-2 Provide a wide range of co-curricular and extracurricular opportunities to develop a wide variety of skills.
  • Goal 2-3 Provide an optimal learning environment for high student performance.
  • Goal 2-4 Utilize technology that is relevant and enhances learning.

Priority #3: Highly Qualified and Highly Effective Personnel

  • Goal 3-1 Recruit highly qualified personnel.
  • Goal 3-2 Retain highly effective personnel.
  • Goal 3-3 Provide professional and personal support, recognition, and rewards.

Priority #4: Safe Healthy and Nurturing Learning Environments

  • Goal 4-1 Incorporate health, physical activity and nutrition concepts into the curriculum.
  • Goal 4-2 Provide a safe environment.
  • Goal 4-3 Maintain a clean environment.
  • Goal 4-4 Provide a supportive environment for the workplace and educational excellence.

Priority #5: Students, Staff, Parents and Community Working Together

  • Goal 5-1 Provide timely and accurate information.
  • Goal 5-2 Promotes and expand involvement with all families.
  • Goal 5-3 Develop meaningful, student-oriented community partnerships.

Priority #6: Optimal and Equitable Utilization of Resources

  • Goal 6-1 Capitalize on all viable revenue sources.
  • Goal 6-2 Allocate district resources in an equitable manner.
  • Goal 6-3 Manage district resources efficiently and effectively while emphasizing quality.