Priority #1 Learning and Achievement  GOAL: 1-1
DISTRICT GOAL #1 Provide educational offerings which maximize learning and achievement by meeting individual student's varied needs and interests.
 Evaluate current educational offerings, and research current literature and programs to develop a plan for what should be sustained, modified, implemented, or deleted.  Superintendents, principals, directors, and specialists  By the end of the fall semester each year  Copy of plan  
Gather and organize data (internal and external) to evaluate success/effectiveness of programs, and disseminate results. Superintendents, principals, directors, Research & Evaluation  By the end of the fall semester each year  Assessment and program results  
Prioritize identified curricular areas needing attention. Curriculum & Instruction By the end of the fall semester each year Prioritized list  
Review research for the purpose of ensuring that current and proposed educational offerings align with the district's student learning and achievement goals. Superintendents, principals, directors, and group/s of representative stake holders On-going Resources and support to implement educational offerings  
Develop and implement a process for modifying or deleting current educational offerings. Curriculum & Instruction Fall 2011 Curriculum review process  
Develop a priority plan that describes current and proposed educational offerings, based on input from stakeholders and research. Curriculum & Instruction  Fall 2011 Priority plan for educational offerings (i.e. course catalog)