Priority #1 Learning and Achievement  GOAL: 1-3
DISTRICT GOAL #3 Monitor and support the academic progress of students.
Schools will use a variety of assessments including formative, summative, and other measures to monitor student progress. Principals, teachers, Curriculum & Instruction, and Research & Evaluation Year round  Use reports   
Training of educators at all levels of the organization on the use of assessments and data systems and how to use the data to drive instruction.  Superintendency  On-going  Training reports   
Set clear expectations on the use of data, provide tools to collect and disseminate data, and use data to monitor the progress of students. Superintendency, principals, and teacher leaders  Start of school year  Artifacts showing how expectations were communicated   
Schools and departments will use the Professional Learning Communities model to support the academic achievement of students. Professional Development  On-going  Minutes of PLC meetings   
Training of administrators, teachers, and staff in the use of the PLC model.  Building administrators  On-going  Record of training (i.e. sign-in sheets)   
Departments will use the PLC or a comparable model to support district or department goals. District Leadership  Spring Evidence of a PLC-like process   
Develop a system to monitor the implementation of PLCs in schools and departments.  Superintendency, Human Resources, principals, and teacher leaders  Start of school year  Written description of system  
Create a system (ex. TAT) in which teams look at all data sources on a student to see if there are social, academic, and/or emotional interventions needed to support academic achievement.  Superintendency, principals, directors, and teachers Spring  Minutes or other evidence of meetings