Priority #3 Highly Qualified and Highly Effective Personnel  GOAL: 3-1
DISTRICT GOAL #1 Recruit highly qualified personnel.
Participate and analyze data and effectiveness of job fairs, both locally and nationally, as appropriate to needs.
Human Resources staff in collaboration with appropriate departments and administrators.
Fall of each year    
Update and enhance recruitment materials by the use of technology and alternative recruiting methods.
Human Resources staff, departments, and administrators (HRSDA)
Evaluate the structured screening interview and process for teacher applicants for alignment to the Professional Learning Communities and the district vision.
Director of certificated personnel
Review viable options this year for a 2011-2012 implementation.
Improve capacity of administrators and supervisors to identify and select high potential new employees.
Directors of certificated and classified personnel Provide training
Screening scanned employee files available on OnBase, letters of reference, and screening results
Focus on recruiting efforts to create a more diverse applicant pool.
Directors of certificated and classified personnel
Use AAEE recommended minority serving recruitment events.