Priority #3 Highly Qualified and Highly Effective Personnel  GOAL: 3-2
DISTRICT GOAL #2 Retain highly qualified personnel.
Increase community partnerships, and vary communication to employees about the benefits of working for Mesa Public Schools.
Human resources staff in collaboration with appropriate departments and administrators
Continue the Tuition Reimbursement Program.
  Continuous and as funding is available
July summary reports of tuition reimbursement
Encourage the development of employee recognition and award programs.
Human resources staff, departments and administrators
Compute and analyze employee exit surveys to develop employee retention strategies.
Human resources staff Continuous    
Continue to conduct market analysis, comparing salaries and benefit packages with like entities, and continue to examine internal and external equity issues.
Human resources staff
As needed
Provide incentives for effective teachers to serve in the highest-needs schools.
Director of certificated personnel, director of educational services and appropriate department administrators
2011-2012, depending on availability of funding
Retain outstanding employees by effectively using the district’s evaluation systems.
Directors of certificated and classified personnel   Revised teacher evaluation system and changes to teacher evaluation system for 2011-2012