The Development Process

The district initiated an endeavor to design a new strategic plan, entitled, Charting Excellence. During the 2009-2010 school year, a development team consisting of students, parents, staff, and community leaders, was convened to assist in the identification of school system priorities and goals. The district employed The Partnership for Excellence to facilitate the development of the district's strategic plan through the High Performance Model. The High Performance Model helps districts come to consensus on defining system-centered priorities and goals, develop the means for achieving them, and identify the tools for measuring success.

A variety of processes were implemented with the intention of seeking input from staff members across the district and the larger community.

  • All district administrators were assigned to facilitate school and district department staff and representative community groups through an input solicitation process where participants were challenged to brainstorm responses and submit responses to the question: Think about the ideal school system. What would be important for our school system to do to meet the needs of students and all other school system customers and stakeholders? The process enabled the district to better define recommendations from the community and to find common categories from the responses collected.
  • Nearly 20,000 responses were collected through the input solicitation process and prepared for the Strategic Plan Development Team to review, sort, classify, and use to frame district priorities and initiate the revision of the district's vision and mission statements.
  • The Strategic Plan Development Team met 5 times to consider community input and to develop district priorities and goals. Six priorities were developed:

Learning and Achievement
Relevant and High-Quality Comprehensive Curriculum
Highly Qualified and Highly Effective Personnel
Safe, Healthy, and Nurturing Learning Environment
Students, Staff, Parents, and Community Working Together
Optimal and Equitable Utilization Resources

  • Following the development of priorities and goals, the district administration was charged with forming priority teams to review each related goal and to develop action items associated with each goal.