Dress and Grooming

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Mesa Public Schools supports dress and grooming standards that ignite a culture of learning and well-being. Students are expected to dress in a manner that is appropriate for the school day or for any school-sponsored event. Dress and grooming standards will be applied consistently and enforcement of these standards will minimize the loss of educational time.

General requirements

  • Clothing must include a top and a bottom (such as pants, skirt, shorts or the equivalent), or a one-piece outfit (such as a dress or jumpsuit).
  • Clothing must cover the entire midriff, with material that covers the front, back and sides.
  • Clothing must cover all private body parts and/or undergarments and must not be see-through.
  • Tops and one-piece outfits must be secured with material at the shoulders or neck.
  • Clothing may not cover a student's face to the extent that the student is not identifiable (except clothing worn for health and safety, medical, or religious purposes).
  • Footwear such as shoes, sandals or boots shall be worn in the school buildings at all times, and must be both safe and non-destructive to school property.
  • Headwear, including but not limited to hats, hoodies and bandanas are permitted in school buildings. All headwear must allow the ears and face to be visible and not interfere with the line of sight to any student or staff (except clothing/headwear worn for health and safety, medical or religious purposes).

Prohibited apparel and items

Students are not permitted to wear clothing, jewelry or personal items that:

  • Substantially disrupt or materially interfere with the learning process
  • Contribute to a hostile or intimidating environment
  • Advocate or promote
    Violence or acts of terror
    Criminal activity
    Use of drugs or alcohol
  • Use or depict hate speech
  • Threaten the health or safety of any other student or staff member

Please view the updated dress & grooming policy and regulation.