Summit Academy Library Resource Center

The Summit Academy Resource Center is committed to reinforcing 21st century information skills that will allow students to access and use all information resources while at the same time encouraging students to develop a positive and joyful attitude toward reading for pleasure.
Check Out
Checkout - 2 weeks - 2 books
Summit Student I.D. is required
Overdue Books
Students who do not return or renew their books after two weeks will receive overdue notices in their 1st hour classes.
Students who do not return their books after receiving multiple notices will receive a message at home notifying their parents of the deficiency.
Students will be charged the full price of a lost or damaged book in order to replace it.
Computer Policies
Students are welcome to use computers before school, at lunch, after school, during classes, must have a pass from the appropriate teacher.
Students may not change the setup of the computers in any way.
Save your work on your active directory log-in or on a USB drive.
To use the Internet, students must display a current student ID.
Computers are provided as a tool to complete assignments and for personal growth.
District policy prohibits gaming on school computers.
Printing Policies
Please ask before printing.