1. No food, drink or gum is allowed in the Performing Arts building at any time.

2. Leaning on equipment (especially music stands and percussion instruments) or sitting on cabinets is not permitted.

3. When seated in a chair, all four legs must be touching the ground at all times.

4. No running or horseplay is permitted in any part of the Performing Arts building at any time.

5. When you choose to leave your music at school, it must be kept in the folder rack.

6. The director’s permission is always required to enter and use a practice room.

7. No student is permitted to be in the teacher resource room without both a teacher’s permission and a teacher present.

8. Students are not allowed to use the telephone in the teacher resource room or in the classroom without permission.

9. You may touch and play only your own instrument.

10. Only percussionists may touch the percussion equipment.



Our primary responsibility in band is to learn about music. Any behavior which distracts from or interferes with this learning process will not be permitted.

The PERFORMING ARTS BUILDING RULES are provided as special guidelines for your BEHAVIOR in the Performing Arts building and the band room. Quiet attention to the teacher, remaining in your seat during the class period, and following directions are naturally expected of you in band just as they are in your other classes. All Summit Academy rules and policies, as outlined in the Student Handbook, will be strictly enforced.

Infractions of the rules and/or disruption of the class will result in an attempt to help you adjust your BEHAVIOR. This will first take the form of a conference between you and the director. After that point, the director will assign detention according to school discipline procedures and call your home to discuss the problem with a parent. If the situation continues to be a problem, you may be transferred to another band where discipline can be more easily accomplished. In an extreme case, you will be removed from Performing Arts groups altogether.

You should understand that both the director and the administration will make every reasonable effort to help you adjust your BEHAVIOR. It is our goal to have each student be as successful as possible in the Performing Arts program. However, when the attention required by a single student interferes with the learning experience for the whole group, the individual student will have to be removed from the class for the good of the other students.




4th-6th Grade BOLD ONLY, 7th-8th All

It is important to establish a NORMAL REHEARSAL ROUTINE so that daily rehearsal time can be used efficiently. The routine begins as you enter the room. 

You are required to be in the band room by the time the tardy bell begins to ring. Failure to do so will cause you to be marked Tardy on the attendance, and may result in you attending Responsibility Class after school that same day.

Immediately upon entering the room, you should unpack and assemble your instrument, get your music from the music folder rack and go to your seat. You may then warm up, practice that week’s assigned scale, practice out of your METHOD BOOK, practice band music or socialize with your immediate neighbors.

Two minutes after the tardy bell has rung, or when everyone appears to be in their seats and ready (whichever occurs first), the rehearsal room lights will be turned off and then back on. When the lights come back on, you should stop all activity and quietly listen to the director for instructions.  

During weeks when a scale has been assigned, that scale will be rehearsed first. Five to ten minutes may then be spent working out of the TECHNIQUE BOOK and on rhythmic studies and chorales — then the group will rehearse band music.

With two minutes remaining in the class period, the rehearsal will end. You will, with no further playing, quickly put your instrument and music away and return to your seat.

The class will be dismissed by the director (not the bell) when:

all students have updated their PRIDE PLANNERS

the room has been returned to its original state of order.

all the students are sitting quietly in their assigned seats.

the director has made any necessary reminders and announcements.