YAY! You have been accepted into the IB Honors program at Summit Academy! Now what?! 

In preparing your new 7th grader with what to expect, please check out the articles I have under "Transitioning from Elementary School to Junior High." Your Honors student has an additional challenge in that the Honors program is rigorous and requires tenacity and perseverance, among other things. 

One of the most common issues, in fact probably THE most common issue I speak to our 7th grade IB Honor students about is stress and anxiety manangment. Support from home can help immensely, but perhaps you are not sure how you can help, or perhaps this is something you struggle with as well as a parent. In addition to the articles mentioned in the previous paragraph, I have included links to other pertinent  information that I think may help you assist your student be successful.

In addition, at the beginning of the school year, I will be conducting a lesson for all students on stress management in all of the social studies classes. Our teachers and our school resource officer also conduct Social Emotional Learning (SEL) lessons throughout the school year. If your child needs extra support, I have support groups and/or speak to students individually. 

Please encourage your student to self-advocate and ask for help when needed--not just academic help. We ALL need a little help sometimes and that's okay!


Time Management

Stress Management

Perfectionist/unrealistic expectations