Mrs. Winters
Individuals and Societies


7th focuses on the World Studies with the integration of civics, government, economics and geography. 

Arizona’s social studies standards and strategies for implementing those standards
were developed by Arizona educators from across the state who used their decades of
teaching experience to develop high-quality, age-appropriate standards. The standards
emphasize disciplinary skills and processes to be used when studying history,
geography, civics, and economics which include:
• Understanding the processes of change and continuity over time
• Assessing similarities and differences between historical periods and between
past and present
• Identifying, comparing, and evaluating multiple perspectives about a given event
• Examining multiple points of view and multiple types of resources and evidence
• Gathering, interpreting, and using evidence to develop claims to historical,
economic, geographical, and political questions and communicate those
• Analyze relationships among causes and effects
• Create and support arguments about social studies topics and issues using
• Using and analyzing various primary and secondary sources

The standards also support the process of social studies inquiry, which results in a
deeper understanding of content. Incorporating inquiry using the content standards
reinforces the same skills contained in the Arizona English Language Arts (ELA)
Standards through reading, writing, speaking, and listening with social studies content.