Recommended Materials

Students will need to have all materials at the desk before class starts each day to be successful.  All jobs require the proper tools to be successful. Being a student is the same as having a job. In order to be successful please have the following items in class every day:

  • School Issued Lenovo and charger
  • 2 pocket folder and notebook
  • Headphones or earbuds 
  • Mouse for laptop (only suggested)
  • Pencil pouch to hold the following:
    • 4 sharpened #2 pencils – If mechanical pencils are being used, make sure there is extra lead.
    • Pencil eraser
    • Hand pencil sharpener
    • White board marker – periodically check to be sure it is not dried out.  If it dries out, please replace it.
    • Eraser for the whiteboard.  A clean small sock or wash cloth works well for this.
    • Red ink pen
    • Colored pencils
    • Highlighters

Students may also find a pair of scissors, glue stick, colored markers useful. 

Please do not send permanent markers (i.e. Sharpies). These are prohibited. 

***Other classes require the same type of materials. Please make sure that you replace materials before they are used up. Please let the school know if you are having troubles getting materials.