Chalk board that states School Rulez

Procedures for Survival in Class

My goal is to prepare you for a successful high school career. Read carefully, your success in this class depend on these procedures. When in doubt reread and then apply. All procedures support a safe and productive learning environment. This environment must be protected to give all the chance to learn.


Our three classroom rules:


·        Be Respectful

·        Be Responsible

·        Be Safe 



1. Enter the classroom calmly

2. Be ready to learn before class starts

  •  Have computer and other materials out
  • Read daily announcement in Canvas
  • 3. Stay current on assignments

    4. Turn in work to the appropriate place 

    5. Work hard

    6. Raise your hand when you have a question do not talk over teacher instruction.

    7. Use the restroom between class or at lunch time

    8. Face the front of the class (head, shoulders, knees, and toes)

    9. When Absent:

    · Check Canvas for the assignment missed

    · Do the assignment

    · Turn in completed work

    · Notify teacher




    1. If you are sick or not feeling well stay home

    2. BE KIND (emotional safety is important)

    3. Stay seated (do not get out of seat without permission)

    4. Rough housing, play fighting, tag, and flirting are unacceptable classroom activities

    5. Keep all objects to yourself (no touching, throwing, tossing, sailing, passing etc.)

    6. The bell does not dismiss you-please wait to pack-up until directed.

    7. Cell phones must be on silent and inside backpack.

    8. Please take all drills seriously.

    9. During the fire drills, quietly exit the room and head towards the west side basketball courts. When outside line up in one line and wait quietly to hear your name being called. During a lockdown drill-stay quiet!

    Let's make this year the best one yet!!!

    ***Issues with these policies will result in a parent contact. Repeated issues will result in an office referral.