1. Any parent can visit a classroom to observe their child.  At no time should this right interfere with the overall learning environment.  Consideration of the rights of all children in the classroom to learn must be maintained.

2. Drop in visitation without prior approval from the teacher and/or principal will not be allowed.  A minimum of a one day advance notice is required unless there is a special circumstance approved by the principal.  This privilege is not meant to be a daily, ongoing event.  These visits are not meant to be for all day.  A "reasonable" amount of time for the visit is expected.

3. All parents must check in at the main office each time they visit and wear a visitor's badge.

4. Some days to observe will be off limits.  Examples of this would be during:

  • AIMS/CRT/STANFORD 10 testing or other required district or state testing
  • Days that a teacher is being formally evaluated by an administrator will also be off limit
  • Final determination of off limit days will be determined by the principal with input from the teacher. 

5. No visitations on days we have a sub for the teacher.

6. The parent/guardian is to sit in a place designated by the teacher.  This place should allow the parent a clear view of the classroom and yet not intrude into the learning space of the children present.

7. Parents are not to speak with or attempt to communicate with their child or other children while present.  This right is to observe, not interact.  This contact with children also includes the time in traveling from one class to another or in specials.

8. Communication with the teacher during the work day is limited and mostly is not allowed.  The teacher’s job is to teach during this time period.  If questions are raised by the parent during the visit, then before or after school must be used to answer those questions. 

9. All cell phones and pagers must be turned off while in the classroom. 

10.Parents must wear appropriate clothing while on campus.

11.Parents may have lunch with their child in the MPR.  They may bring food in or purchase an adult meal.


Parents may not deliver treats on their own to the classroom.  They will be delivered by someone from the front office or your classroom is called and someone from the room comes to get the treats.  There are two exceptions to this rule.  If the parent brings the treats before the beginning of the day, they may take them to the classroom.  Second, if the parent asks the teacher for permission to be present when the treats are distributed, and  to celebrate the birthday in person, and the teacher says yes, then the parent can take the treats to the classroom at the time of the celebration. 


1.    Parents can be on the playground at recess with their child if they check into the front office and get a visitor's pass.  The intent of this visit would be the same if they came to lunch or to visit a classroom.

2.    No playing with other students allowed.  This is safety issue because of the mixing of children and adults (size difference) on the playground.  Parents may observe and/or talk/play with their child only.


All parent and non-parent volunteers must do the following before working on site:

  • Fill our a registration/emergency card and give it to the school nurse
  • Read the district’s Back to School newsletter
  • Read the Mesa Public Schools Volunteer Handbook and be familiar with the information

All non-parent volunteers must do the following before volunteering on site:

Step I

  • Meet with the principal and have him fill out an “Administrative Approval” form before going to the district.

  Step II

  • Take the signed form to Human Resources

  • Complete volunteer application

  • Complete fingerprinting process (paid for by the district)

  • Provide three references phone numbers and addresses to Human Resources for background check

  • Bring picture I.D.

  Step III

  • Begin Volunteering!!!