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AVID Program



Standing for "Advancement Via Individual Determination," the AVID Program is a highly successful college preparatory program aimed at historically underserved students at 4 year universities. Begin in the Taylor AVID Program and “Carry On” at Mesa High School. The mission of AVID is to ensure that all students, especially students in the middle academic range with potential will: succeed in a rigorous curriculum, complete a rigorous college preparatory path, enter mainstream activities of the school, increase their likelihood of applying to and enrolling in four-year colleges, and become educated and responsible participants and leaders in a democratic society


           What is AVID?

  •   AVID is a program that identifies average to above-average performing students in grades 7-12 and is designed to support these students who might not otherwise attend a 4-year university. AVID is not an “at risk” program.   
  •   AVID students show promise and have the potential for Advanced Placement and Honors work in junior high and high school, but can benefit from the academic and emotional support of this special program. 
  • AVID is an elective class that students attend daily.  AVID combines the student’s hard work and individual determination with a support system of teachers, college tutors, parents and other AVID students. Twice a week, students engage in tutorials in the AVID elective classroom.

 At Taylor, students accepted into AVID will be placed into Honors ELA and Social Studies. All students must meet the criteria for honors math and science. We do make exceptions for students who would like to join AVID but do not feel ready to commit to Honors classes in 7th grade. 


To apply for AVID submit an online application at: AVID » Student Application for the AVID Elective Class (mpsaz.org)

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