Taylor Clubs


Taylor Junior High offers many opportunities for student involvement outside the classroom. Club and activity information is available from teachers, counselors, and administrators. 

If you have a particular area of interest. talk to a staff member about forming a club or group. All clubs must be approved by the Student Council and administration and meet the criteria of the school constitution.





Advancement Via Individual Determination Club (AVID)

Breen, Kristen


Art Club

Johnson, Veralyn

Band Club

Coon, Kathy

Chess Club

Melichar, Aaron
Kerber, Kasey


Choir Club

Fardelos, Allie


Drama Club

Breen, Kristen


Musical Theatre Club

Fardelos, Allie
Jones, Wendi


Student Council

Perez, Alyssa
Peterkin, Guy
Graham, Michael

Yearbook Club

Huskey, Ashley
Fordyce, Lea