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It is wonderful to be a part of the Mesa Public Schools and the Title 1, ESEA team.

I was born and raised in Prescott, Arizona and taught  for 25 years in Prescott, grades Pre-K to 4th. In addition, I was an instructional coach for 4 years.  Then in 2013, I moved to Dallas, Texas to take a position as an Academic Facilitator for the Dallas Independent School District.  I worked with leadership teams, instructional coaches, and teachers, grades Pre-k to 12th, on improving classroom instruction to increase student learning!  

Texas was just too far away from my family though, so I am very happy to be back in sunny Arizona!  I am honored to be in the position of ESEA Specialist, working to support Title I Specialists and Family Support Specialists. Mesa's students deserve strong educational teams working together to ensure they receive the very best education!