Involved in an accident while driving a district-owned vehicle?  Mistakenly back into a pole? There are procedures that must be followed. This allows us to know when a vehicle needs to be inspected to look for potential and unseen safety issues even if you think there is little to no damage.

Two cars minor T-bone crash

1.  IMMEDIATELY CALL YOUR SUPERVISOR or ADMINISTRATOR.  All collisions or damage to a vehicle of any kind, no matter how small, must be reported to your supervisor.

2.  Call the police at 480-644-2211 if the accident involves a non-district vehicle or damage on/off property.

3.  Take photos of the scene as well as the vehicles, if safe to do so. 

4.  Do not admit liability. The facts of the accident will be investigated to determine fault. 

5.  Gather all parties information to complete PD/MPS reports and diagrams. Ask for the police report number.

6.  Do you need to be towed?  Do NOT use a non district towing company. Call Vehicle Maintenance at 480-285-9330.  We have our own 24-hr tow driver.

7. Notify the Risk Management Department at 480-472-0365

8.  Complete and file Vehicle Accident Report Form with Risk Management.  This can be emailed to

9.  Alert Vehicle Maintenance of any damage at 480-472-0190.


Each district vehicle is supplied with a proof of insurance. You may find it in the glove compartment or attached to the visor in your vehicle.  Click HERE for the vehicle coverage card.