Bus riders are under the authority of the school administrator and the driver. Students must observe classroom rules and dress standards while riding the bus. Video cameras may be used to monitor behavior.


Waiting for the Bus

1.      Walk to the bus stop with a parent or in groups of two or more students.

2.      Be at the bus stop 10 minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive.

3.      Stay out of the street and away from traffic.

4.      Respect property in the neighborhood.

5.      Be kind and courteous to others.

6.      Form one line as the bus approaches.


Boarding the Bus

1.      Let the bus come to a complete stop before boarding.

2.      Enter the bus one person at a time.

3.      Board quickly, but carefully, without crowding or pushing. Use the handrail. Walk, don’t run, up the steps.

4.      Go directly to a seat, and sit upright facing the front.


On the Bus

1.      Be courteous, and obey the driver’s instructions.

2.      If seats are assigned, sit in your assigned seat.

3.      Keep the aisle clear. Stay seated until your stop.

4.      Keep your hands, arms, feet, legs and head away from others and inside the bus.

5.      Talk quietly. Do not yell or use vulgar or abusive language.

6.      Do not throw anything inside the bus or from the bus.

7.      Eating is not permitted on the bus. Do not drink on the bus unless the bus driver allows you to do so.

8.      Unless being used for acceptable educational or entertainment purposes with a headset or on silent mode, all personal electronic devices must be turned off and out of sight.

9.      Do not abuse or deface the bus or bus equipment.

10.  Keep cases, band instruments and other belongings under control at all times.


Items Banned From Buses

Prohibited items include weapons, explosive devices, harmful chemicals, tobacco, alcohol, drugs, glass objects other than eyeglasses, skateboards and scooters, insects, reptiles and other animals, with the exception of service animals.


Leaving the Bus

1.      Stay seated until the bus comes to a complete stop.

2.      Do not push or crowd others.

3.      Walk, don’t run, down the steps.


Crossing the Road

1.      Cross the street only when the driver has indicated the way is safe. Walk 10 feet in front of the bus so the driver can see you. Never cross behind the bus.

2.      Keep looking to the right and left as you walk.

3.      At an intersection, look in all directions.

4.      Do not cross the street at an angle.

5.      Walk briskly across the road, but do not run.


Loss of Bus-Riding Privileges for Infractions Documented in Writing

Riding the bus is a privilege, not a right. Disciplinary action may result if students misbehave or fail to respond appropriately to reasonable requests.


The driver may warn students to correct their behavior before taking disciplinary action. Infractions documented in writing may result in the loss of bus-riding privileges for:


First Infraction — at least one day

Second Infraction — at least three days

Third Infraction — at least five days

Fourth Infraction — one month or the remainder of the semester, whichever is longer

Serious Infraction — an entire school year


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