Drinking water quality in Mesa Public Schools

In January 2017, the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality, Schools Facilities Board and Arizona Department of Health Services partnered to conduct a proactive, voluntary school drinking water screening program to test for lead content. Mesa Public Schools joined the effort to ensure the district was providing safe, healthy learning environments.

Districtwide screening sample results were received in May 2017. For any result greater than 15 ppb lead, the following actions were taken:

  • Access to the drinking water source was blocked and an out-of-service sign posted.
  • Staff and families were informed of the affected location(s).
  • Confirmation samples were collected to determine the cause of the elevated lead levels and appropriate remediation.
Confirmation sample results were received late June 2017 and remediation began early July. Priority was given to identified sources with regular student access.
As remediation is completed at a school, it is noted in the chart of testing results by school linked on this page.
Chart summarizing testing results by school

updated April 2018

Data by school from ADEQ

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ADEQ Dec. 2017 report

Arizona’s Public School Drinking Water Lead Screening Program

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