MPS Web Policies and Best Practices

According to MPS Governing Board Policy KBB, each school and district department Web site should include "content that is appropriate for public access".  Because of the adoption of Architeck and an ever-increasing number of MPS employees in charge of Web site content, it is important for the district to determine what is "appropriate content", and to provide guidelines and specific instructions to maintain standards of appropriateness.

This document is a list of policies and best practices, as determined by Web Services, Educational Technology, and Community Relations.  The application of these best practices in the development of Web site content will help to ensure appropriate content and to provide the best possible experience, in terms of usability and visual consistency, for our visitors.

This document will change over time in order to address new technologies and to better address the district's needs. View change log.

MPS Web Policies

  1. Each school and department should have a Web presence  hosted on the district’s Web server. Custom individual school or department domains are not allowed.  
  2. Access to create and manage content on MPS Web sites is restricted to Mesa Public Schools employees only.
  3. Architeck complies with the Fair Labor Standards Act by limiting external access to editing and management controls to certified and exempt employees only.
  4. Content creators must make a best effort to comply to the Content Best Practices as detailed in the sections below.

Content Best Practices

1. Web Page Content

2. School Web Site Organization

3. Department Web Site Organization

4. Special Circumstances