Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change my email password?

All MPSConnect passwords are synced to your Active Directory account, which is managed by Information Systems. Because of this automation, Web Services can no longer assist in manually changing your password.

To change your password on a district Windows device, press CTRL + ALT + DELETE, then select "Change a password." For more assistance, please contact the Help Desk at x20044.

How do I log into my Architeck account?

Logging into Architeck is easy - while inside any Architeck page, scroll to the bottom and click the "Login to Architeck" link in the footer.

Architeck accounts are synced with Active Directory, which is managed by Information Systems. Your username will be the same one you use to log into your district computer and email. New user passwords are also synced through the same system.

If you're having issues logging in, please refer to the instructions above for changing your email password. If you're still having issues logging in, give us a call at x20026 and we'll track down the issue!

I forgot my Architeck password, how do I change it?

New Architeck user account passwords are synced to Active Directory and all users will be synced within the coming months. If you have been with the district for several years and changing your Active Directory password doesn't change your Architeck password, please give us a call and we'd be happy to resolve the issue!

How do I create or edit an Architeck page?

All trained Architeck users have access to create and edit pages on their own user homepage. To view this page, when logged into Architeck, hover over your name in the top right corner and click "Home Page".

Page doesn't exist or you can't edit it? All Architeck users must take training through EdTech to gain access to this feature. Schedule a training today!

If you wish to create or edit pages other than your own homepage, please contact your site's webmaster for access.

Help! I deleted my page, how do I get it back?

In some cases, Web Services is able to restore your accidentally deleted page.

If your page is completely gone and no longer shows up under the "Browse" feature of Architeck, your page may be recoverable. Unfortunately, this can sometimes be a lengthy process and we ask that you attempt to recreate the page if you have the previous content readily available. If this is not the case, please give us a call and we'd be happy to help.

If you accidentally deleted the content of the page, but the page still exists under "Browse," things get a little more tricky. Web Services retains a development server that may contain your older page content. If you've recently updated your page, it's unlikely we will be able to recover the same content, but if you're working on an older page, it may be possible. Give us a call and we'll see what we can do!

If your page or content is deleted because of an error in Architeck, please contact us immediately.

How do I learn more about Architeck's features?

EdTech has excellent online training to help you make the best of Architeck. Sign up for beginning and advanced topics here.

Can you add my content to the district's homepage?

All homepage content is managed by the district's Communications and Marketing team. If you'd like your event or information to be featured, give them a call at x20223.

I recently changed my name, how do I change my email?

Because district emails are now automated through Active Directory, the Information Systems Help Desk now takes care of name change requests. If your name has changed because of marriage/divorce or another legal matter, please contact them at x20044 to request a change.

Once the change is made in Active Directory, you should see the results within 24 hours.

I'm a new employee or rehire, why can't I log into my email?

Email creation is automated by Active Directory. New users are created as soon as they are entered into the system by Information Systems and synced with Google, but user email accounts don't become active until your official start date. If you require earlier access to your email, please contact the Help Desk at x20044.

I found an error on the website, who do I contact?

If data is displayed incorrectly, please contact the department or school who created the page you found the error on. If you'd like to contact the page's webmaster directly, you can usually find this person by navigating to the footer of the page and locating the "Last edited" line and clicking the user's name to contact them.

If you're a webmaster or user who has found an error in the way a widget or feature functions, please call us to let us know!

How do I change my school or department's logo?

Schools: Please contact us and we'd be happy to replace the logo on your school's page with an updated version.

Departments: District policy mandates that all department websites retain general Mesa Public Schools branding. Unfortunately, we do not allow individual department logos.

How do I get added to my school or department's staff list?

Architeck Webmasters are trained on user management. Please contact your site's webmaster to be added to the staff list. If you're a webmaster and are having troubles adding a user or moving their homepage, please contact EdTech for help.

Can you change my Basic Page to a Smart Page?

Unfortunately, there's no easy way to do this. We suggest you create a new page and utilize our Page Swap tool to replace your old page with a new one.

I'm having issues with the MPS online payment system, can you help?

Unfortunately, Web Services does not support MPS Web Pay, the district's solution for online payments towards registration, athletics and other academic fees. Please contact them directly at 480-472-0133 or

Who do I contact for issues with MPS online learning systems?

Education Technology supports all online learning services, including Big Ideas, Canvas, vAcademy and My Math. Please contact them at x20004.