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*Please notify the nurse and the office immediately if there are any changes to home, work, cell or emergency phone numbers listed in your child's student information.

*Don't forget to call the attendance line (480) 472-4864 as soon as you know that your child will be absent.

Webster Elementary School Nurse and Health Assistant staff our
nurse bearHealth Office during school hours. We are available to assist students with illness and injury related problems. In addition to these primary services, we conduct health screenings, assist students and families with referrals for medical services, follow-up, and act as a health education resource person for students and staff. The goal of Health Services is to remove barriers to the health and safety of students, enabling them to achieve their academic goals at school.


You will be notified if your child becomes ill enough to be removed from school, sustains more than a minor injury, or has an emergency. It is the parent's responsibility to make arrangements to pick up an ill or injured child as promptly as possible. We suggest that you have someone listed on your Emergency Data Sheet in case you are not available or cannot leave work.  If your child has flu symptoms they must be fever free for 24 hours without the use of fever reducing medication (Tylenol, Advil) before returning to school.


med symbolIt is imperative that you notify the nurse if your child has a medical condition such as diabetes, seizure disorder, asthma, heart disease, allergies, (environmental and food), a physical or mental disability, etc. This will help all the school staff better serve your child.

Immunizations & Medications

For the most current information regarding immunizations and medications please visit the Health Services webpage through the link below. Then click on the parent box in the upper right hand corner.

*Click here for the district health office.

Remember, healthy students learn better!
Physically and emotionally healthy students are better able to take advantage of their learning opportunities. The Health Office at Webster Elementary is available to students and parents to provide the services that will contribute to that philosophy. We encourage parents to provide their children with rest, food, and an emotionally stable environment at home that ensures their readiness to participate in the learning process.

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