School elections
Sponsers: Chris Melcher, Kally Davis

480-472-4823 or 480-472-4824

*All Student Council Meetings are held on 
Mondays after school in Miss. Davis' Room 15.  All absences from meetings must be excused.  You are allowed two unexcused absences from Student Council before an alternate takes your place.


The following are schedued dates of the 2015-16 Student Council Meetings: 
 Rm. 15 - after school
Sept. 14th
Feb. 8th
Sept. 28th
Feb. 22nd
Oct. 19th
Mar. 7th
Nov. 9th
Mar. 28th
Nov. 23rd
Apr. 11th
Dec. 14th
Apr. 25th
Jan. 11th
 May 9th
 Jan. 25th