Welcome to Webster!

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Webster Principal

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Welcome to Webster Elementary School! As principal, I am very proud to be part of the Webster learning community. The teachers on our staff are dedicated and committed to guiding students to realize academic, behavioral and social success. As professional educators, we know that your child’s progress is based upon strong instructional practices at school and upon the support of parents reinforcing and encouraging their children's academic achievement. We appreciate your involvement in your child's education as well as your involvement in our school community. There are several ways you can become involved at Webster. The Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) and School Improvement Advisory Council (SIAC) meet on a regular basis to discuss projects and issues related to our school. In addition, there are various opportunities to volunteer at Webster. We believe that developing strong connections between school and home will help our students reach their full potential.

Please utilize this website as a source of information throughout the school year. Teachers will post information about their classes and grade-levels. In addition, school-wide events and reminders will be posted for families so that important information can be received in a timely manner.

Webster Elementary School is committed to the belief that all people can learn regardless of ethnicity, socio-economic status, or disability. We acknowledge as a staff that by working together we can prepare our students to become successful, contributing members of society.

It is an honor to work with your children each day and to be associated with this school, staff, and community.

If you ever have questions, please don’t hesitate to call.


Stacey Ball