Building Healthy Habits

Building Healthy Habits Move it Maricopa Challenge: January 12 - February 20

Join us for the fourth annual Move it Maricopa challenge! You are invited to stay active, healthy, and have fun along the way in our Building Healthy Habits challenge. On this journey, you will learn how to build healthy habits that range from healthy eating to the science behind a consistent exercise regimen to daily self-care gems, and how to make these newly built habits stick! Compete in this fun challenge against other organizations in our area.


  • Sync with your personal fitness device, enter steps from a pedometer, or use an app.
  • One non-MPS friend can join you for free.
  • Lots of fun and prizes along the way!  Click here for prizes.                                                                                                                

Our online interactive program will track how many steps you walk along a map. You will be able to sync with your current personal fitness device, enter steps tracked on your pedometer or use the Apple Health or Google fit to measure your steps.

Register at (If you are already registered, you will be added automatically.)