MPS IB Program Policies

The following policies were developed with IB students, parents, faculty and administration. Their purpose is to inform our stakeholders on our beliefs and practices within our IB program at Westwood and MPS. These policies were developed in accordance with IB's policies as outlined in each of their policy guides.

CP Course Outlines

IB Program Research Studies

Below are links to recent research studies that have been completed regarding the positive impact the program has on student participants:

Recently published studies suggest that:

  • The IB prepares students to attend top universities: Researchers from the University of Hong Kong found that a majority of students who graduated from the DP in China between 2002 and 2012 attended one of the world’s top 500 universities.
  • IB graduates are more likely to persist through college: Research conducted by the Education Policy Improvement Center (EPIC) found that IB graduates in the University of Oregon’s Honors College were more likely to persist in their studies, were able to better cope with demanding workloads, manage their time and meet expectations than their non-IB peers. 
  • IB students demonstrate civic knowledge and skills: A study conducted by Anna Rosefsky Saavedra of the RAND Corporation found that DP students demonstrate considerably high levels of academic civic mindedness, defined as student knowledge of the US government, public policy and effective advocacy techniques.  
  • IB students demonstrate strong critical thinking skills:  A University of Western Sydney study suggests that DP students are more confident in their ability to use critical thinking skills than their non-IB peers, and that DP students envision their future educational success more positively.
  • The DP provides an in-depth, global curriculum: Investigating the alignment of the Australian Curriculum and the DP, researchers from Deakin University found that, with a few exceptions, the DP curriculum generally provided greater depth than local alternatives and supported the development of critical knowledge and skills.