SHIELD Connection
Students Honoring Individual Excellence through Learning and Determination


Four components:

  1. Mentors keep education salient for students
  2. Check - Systematic monitoring
  3. Connect - Timely and individualized intervention
  4. Enhancing home-school communication and home support for learning

Core intervention elements:

  1. Relationships - positive, based upon mutual trust and open communication
  2. Problem solving:  Steps 1 - 5
    • Stop: Think about the problem
    • What are some choices?
    • Choose one
    • Do it
    • How did it work?
  3. Affiliation with school and learning: facilitate involvement with school activities
  4. Persistence-Plus:  persistent source of academic motivation
  5. A focus on alterable indicators of disengagement:  Indicators of behavioral and academic engagement ameniable to change
Any questions or concerns please contact:  Room 130

Celesia Lewis 480-472-4552


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