Fight Song

Go, Westwood, go!

We’re going to fight;

We’re fighting right;

And right we’ll play.

Go, Westwood, go!

Our spirits high;

We’re going to try;

We’re on our way.

Go, Westwood, go!

The blue and orange shining ever through

Onward we’ll roll,

O mighty, Westwood Warriors, Go!




Westwood, our Westwood High

With glorious colors orange and blue.

Westwood, our Westwood High,

Will guide our footsteps safely through.

These radiant years of faith and youth,

Are full of hope for peace and truth.

We’ll give our hearts, and hands, and mind,

A brighter future help us find.

Westwood, O Westwood,

We’ll trust in thee, O Westwood High