2020-2021 Westwood Head Coaches Training Presentation

Statement of Awareness Form for HC to sign


Coaching Handbook Table of Contents


SECTION 1:   Athlete Health and Safety

PAGE 1:  Athletic Emergency Plan

PAGE 2:  Emergency Plan Responsibilities

 PAGE 3:  911 Call information

PAGE 4:  Inclement Weather Guidelines

PAGE 5:  Lightning Safety

PAGE 6:  MPS Heat Awareness Protocol

PAGE 7:  Training Room Use                                   

PAGE 8:  MPS Accident Report Form

  PAGE 9:  Hazing
 PAGE 10:  Golf Cart Training


SECTION 2:  AIA bylaws

PAGE 1:  AIA Bylaws that you need to be aware of



SECTION 3:  Equipment and Facilities

PAGE 1:  Weight Room/Strength Training Program

PAGE 2:  Equipment and Uniforms

PAGE 3:  Facility Use Guidelines


SECTION 4:   Fundraising and Money Handling

PAGE 1:  Important information about money and fundraising

PAGE 2:  ECA Guidelines

PAGE 3:  Student Activity Guidelines



SECTION 5:  New Coach Clearance

PAGE 1:  New Coach Procedures


SECTION 6:  Student and Staff Relations

PAGE 1:  Student and Staff Relations Policy


SECTION 7:  Travel

PAGE 1:  Important information about student travel

PAGE 2:  Van Policy

PAGE 3:  Travel Checklist



SECTION 8:  Basic Coaching Responsibilities

PAGE 1:  Nine Legal Duties of a Coach

PAGE 2:  Preseason duties

PAGE 3:  Preseason meeting

PAGE 4:  Reporting Scores

PAGE 5:  Game and Practice duties

PAGE 6:  Postseason duties


SECTION 9:  Victory with Honor

PAGE 1:  The Six Pillars of Character