Mission Statement

Words and thoughts into action. Lift up our students. Give our students a voice and an ear. Edify an inclusive community. Serve. Lead. Grow. Start the healing process. Bringing Westwood together.

Be comfortable with being uncomfortable. We will be having hard conversations and there may be uncomfortable situations. 

It’s a privilege to be a part of this council and we want this to be thought of as an honor. Partners are being selected because they want to be a part of the change. More than just a club. Need personal investment.


We will focus on the intricate details of our campus, earn the respect of our peers and community by staying involved in our community and establishing a face for our school of unity and commitment to our community’s growth, and most of all having absolute pride in Westwood and its development.

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Core Values

Community (JHS and Elem)





Education/Historical Perspective (starting point)

Diversity/Cultural Awareness



Remind your community of days passed, research the good and the bad. Find the Alumni voice and get them to help with YOUR message.