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Seniors – Please Read - Ordering Final Transcripts

Seniors - please read the following information from our Westwood High School regarding ordering your final transcript.

If you are planning on attending a college or university, you must send your transcript through Parchment.  You will need to set up a Learner Account with Parchment using a non-school email as your school email will be deleted upon graduation.  Please set up your Parchment account today.  Once you have set up your account and designated the college or university, click on “Hold for Final Grades” and they will be automatically sent once Westwood High has uploaded your final transcript which does not happen until the second week of June.

IMPORTANT:  Once you turn 18 and have graduated, you are considered an adult and your parents no longer have access to any of your school records including transcript or immunizations.   If you are going on a mission, or out of the country, you need to set up a “Power of Attorney” allocating one or both of your parents access to these records in your absence.  They will need to bring that to the school in order to receive your records.


Westwood Counseling Department

Freshman students are assigned to Counselor based on their Freshman Academy.

Sophomores, Juniors & Seniors are assigned Counselors based on last name with the exception of IB  participants.  Please see below for assignments.

When contacting your counselor, please be sure to include your name and Westwood Student ID number. 


Counselor Name

All Academy students with

Mr. Johnson,

Ms. Gilletti, or

Mr. Freeman as a core teacher.

Tammy Newell

All Academy students with

Mr. Reedy,

Mr. Kack, or

Mr. Vander Valk as a core teacher. 

Cody Wolfenbarger 

IB Freshman Academy

Jennifer Anderson


Sophomores, Juniors & Seniors


Additional Department Resources
Gear Up Class of 2024- Amie Bisesi 

Department Phone Number - 480-472-4422