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For Teacher Absences:

To request a sub, it is the same as last year, visit:

You can request a sub 300 days in advance. You should never request a sub last minute unless it is a true emergency. Last minute sub requests tend to not get picked up. This is required of ALL certified employees, regardless whether you need a sub. Make sure you have the correct time for yourself and the sub. When students have a half day, you are on contract for the whole day, make sure your absence reflects that.


To request your absence, it is DIFFERENT than last year, visit:

This should be done right after you request the sub. It can be done from home. When selecting your time, make sure you are putting the correct code in. Maria can no longer fix mistakes and the time will be denied and you will need to redo it. When requesting personal time, you no longer need to complete a PARF. Personal time is located under the sick button. See Maria Main with any questions. x24404



For Students Tardies:

Teachers will handle tardies in their classroom. Tardy is defined as a      student who is not across the door threshold when the bell  finishes ringing.

· Students who enter the classroom prior to the 10 minute mark will still be marked tardy, but will remain in the classroom.

· Students who arrive after the 10 minute mark will be sent to room 406 and will be marked as an unexcused tardy (TDU) by Julie.  

· Students with 1-4 tardies will be handled with the classroom teacher.

· By the 3rd tardy, teacher must give student verbal warning and call home

· When the student reaches his/her 5th tardy, a teacher can write a referral and send it to the appropriate administrator. Parent contact must be made prior to sending the referral to administration.

· Teachers can then write referral for each subsequent tardy.

· Each referral MUST state the period and number of tardies -

ex: 5th tardy, 2nd period

****Tardies will reset at the beginning of each quarter.




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