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Question: When do I have to have my ad sent in?
Answer: January 28th 2022 is the deadline for sending in your parent ad information, pictures and payment for our 2022 yearbook.

Question: I missed the deadline! What can I do?
Answer: You can email Carl Ross or call at 480-472-4459 and see if there is still space and time to get your parent appreciation ad in.

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Creating your ad online is the easiest and best way, however we also will accept hard copies of photos if you need them scanned or would like help with the design.

Question: How much does a space cost?
Answer: That depends on the size of the ad you want. And the size of the ad determines how many pictures and how much writing you can get in. Here are the prices:
1/8 page = $45 (1 photo)
1/4 page = $75 (1-2 photos)
1/2 page = $150 (2-5 photos)
Full page = $275 (3-10 photos)

Question: Why do the ads cost so much?
Answer: We provide this space as a service to parents of seniors. But we also use the money to help pay for the printing of the yearbook. What we charge students for the book does not cover the complete cost of printing it, so we raise money to pay the difference with parent appreciation ads.

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Creating your ad online is the easiest and best way, however we also will accept hard copies of photos if you need them scanned or would like help with the design.

Question: Will I get my pictures back?
Answer: Definitely! We know these pictures are precious, and they do not leave the yearbook room. We scan them in as soon as we receive them, put them back in your ad envelope, and then return them as soon as the book is distributed. 

Question: What if I don't want to leave them for any amount of time?
Answer: You may email Mr. Ross to schedule a time. We will scan the pictures in while you wait, and then immediately return the pictures to you. In all our years of doing this, we have not lost any pictures!

Question: I just have big pictures, what should I do?
Answer: Nothing. We will make pictures larger or smaller, depending on what we need after we scan them in. Please do not cut pictures. If you want someone or something left out of the picture, attach a sticky note to the picture indicating what should be cut out, or what you want left in.

Question: I just have pictures on my computer. Should I just print them out and send them in?
Answer: No! Pictures printed on an ink jet printer are usually not good enough quality for us to use. Plus, we just have to rescan it. If you have pictures already in a digital format, please put them on a jump drive and bring them in. You may also email them to Mr. Ross as an attachment. Be sure to put Yearbook Parent Ad Picture in the subject field.

To email us digital or scanned photos, click here. The photos must be in JPEG (.jpg) format with a minimum resolution of 400 dpi.

Question: I have some really cute pictures on my phone, Facebook, etc. Can I use those?
Answer: Maybe. The quality from some phones and web sites is not good enough for the high quality color printing we do for the yearbook. 

Question: Are there any pictures I cannot use?
Answer: Sorry, but no naked baby pictures. Pictures must be school appropriate. We reserve the right to edit any content not in compliance with school standards.

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Question: I don't know what to write!
Answer: Most parents include some type of congratulations on reaching this milestone or achievement. Others express how proud they are of their child, how they have overcome things, or how they have excelled at activities. Others talk about their child's personality, how they add to the family, or are helpful. Others tell how much they love the child. Some parents include religious sayings or scriptures, others add meaningful quotes, and some use and/or explain family nicknames.


Question: Is there anything I can't write about?
Answer: Remember this will be read by lots of your child's friends and peers, as well as teachers. Most parents do not want to embarrass their child, but they still want it to be personal. You may submit your sentiments in Spanish, or any other language, but it will need to be approved before we use it. Please do not include anything that is off-color or inappropriate for school. It is acceptable to include religious sentiment, if that's an important part of you and your child's life.

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