Dr. Dongdong Thompson                  Challenging the brains




Dr. Thompson was brought up in an intellectual family on a university campus in P. R. China where her parents worked and retired. With full scholarship and passion for English, she earned her Bachelor degree from a university in the northeast of China. As a tenure of English lecturer, for nine years she had taught English full-time in a university, part-time to K-12 graders and in adults' colleges; she had taught Mandarin Chinese as a second language to foreign scholars. Besides teaching, she had been a part-time student adviser, responsible for students' academic activities; a part-time coordinator of Foreign Affairs Office of the university, in charge of public relations and interpreting for foreign teachers, experts, visiting scholars and academic researchers. She earned her Master degree at Arizona State University and Doctor of Education at Northern Arizona University.
Mrs. Thompson had been teaching 7th and 8th English, Reading, ELD 21 and 23, and Mandarin Chinese in Mesa Public Schools since 1999, last century. In the current school year, she is teaching Mandarin Levels I,II, III, IB I & II (MYP & DP) at the superb WESTWOOD HIGH SCHOOL where there are awesome education leaders.

Welcome every student who is courageous enough to be on board to do the Brain Sport-MANDARIN together with Dr. Thompson :) 

I can be reached at: https://www.mpsaz.org/westwood/staff/