Teacher:   Mrs. Jacqueline K. Wood

Contact information:  Room 127

Phone number for classroom:  480-472-4641

Cell Phone number: 480-740-0614 (Texts are welcomed)

School Email address: jkwood@mpsaz.org

Personal Email address:  jaejaewood2@gmail.com

Canvas websites:  mpsaz.instructure.com/courses/142612 -Personal Finance

                              mpsaz.instructure.com/courses/142614 -Algebra Applications

                              mpsaz.instructure.com/courses/142610 -Geometry

Personal Finance :

Course Information:  

Learning about the basics of financial management at an early age will help ensure that you will be responsible with money later on in life. Here are five personal finance lessons that you should learn as a high school student: How to create a budget, The worth of being frugal, The importance of saving, realities of credit cards, and the time value of money. 

 Algebra Applications  :

Course Information:

Algebra Applications is learning about the basics of applying algebra to real life.  This class is to help students grasp new concepts, while taking into consideration the different ways students learn so a variety of modalities will be used in promoting concepts mastery. 

Geometry  :

Course Information:

Geometry is learning Basic Geometric Concepts, Angles, Reasoning and Proofs, Perpendicular and parallel Lines, Triangles, Right Triangles, Quadrilaterals and Polygons Perimeter and Area, Similar Polygons, circles,  Surface Area and Volume, Coordinate Geometry and Transformations and Right Triangle Trigonometry.

Text:   District Online Curriculum for each class.

Classroom Expectations:

Students are expected to follow the school’s code of conduct that is set forth in Student’s Handbook.  Students are to show up dressed in appropriate school clothing ready to learn. The classroom rules are to show Kindness to all.  To strive to have Integrity, Perseverance and Determination at all times.

By having “Warrior Pride” the students demonstrate the above expectations;

            P= Participation – Be an active listener, focus on the current task and ask

                                                questions and seek help.

            R=Responsibility- Respect property, clean up after yourself, Use technology

                                                appropriately, accept your accomplishments and mistakes.

            I= Interconnection – Cooperate and help others, seek to understand others,

                                                value the ideas and views of others.

            D=Dignity- Show respect for yourself and others, use considerate language and

                                    volume, respond in a positive and polite manner.

            E=Excellence- Strive to achieve and do your best, take initiative and be

                                    proactive, have courage to overcome your challenges.


            The grading will be based on the Individual Students mastery of the course objectives. All students will

            begin the class with an “A.”  It is up to them to keep the “A.”

Percent (%) of total Points                              Letter Grade

    90 – 100                                                     A

                                    80 – 89                                                       B

                                    70 – 79                                                       C

                                    60 – 69                                                       D

                                    0 – 59                                                         F

 Attendance = + 5 points per day for just being in class and participating SHOWING YOUR FACE ONLINE

Behavior= +5 points per day

                                    2 extra points for doing the warm-up on canvas

                                    3 extra points for staying online the entire class time.

 What does working through the hour look like? (It lines up with Warrior Pride)

1)    A student sits quietly at his/her seat at home, listening to instructions.

2)    A student ask for permission to ask a question in the chat box so it doesn't disrupt teacher's teaching or another student asking a question at the same time.

3)    Speak (unless we are doing a group activity and everyone is talking online)

4)     A student completes the assignments given in Canvas.

5)    A student pays attention

6)    A student follows directions

7)    A student is courteous


*******It is vital that students are in class online, ready to learn.**********


Special Request:

            Make up work is the responsibility of the student.  An Assignment will be on canvas.  They have all Semester to make up classwork and test.  Dec. 16th, 20 @ midnight  will be THE LAST DAY to turn in any assignments or make up test for 1st semester.  May. 17th , 2021 @ midnight  will be THE LAST DAY to turn in any assignments or make up test for 2nd semester.


Homework or Study Help:

I will be available for helping students with their assignments before school, during lunch and after school, by appointment.  I have Individual Educational Plan (IEP) meetings before school and after school and I want to make sure I am available to help.  



Your student will need a notebook and/or individual college-ruled paper, pencil, eraser, and pen ( no red pens please). Please, Please do not turn in any work to canvas with using a RED PEN.  It hurts my eyes.   Thank you.


Please contact me if you have any concerns or problems.   I extend a warm welcome to both you and your child for the 2020-21 school year! I look forward to teaching your child this year. Thank you!



Parents, Please fill out the bottom form and check off which class your child is in.  Copy and paste into an email and send it to me please, my email is above.  This is the only part I need back from you.  Thank you so much.


 I _______________________________ Parent of _____________________________

 _____Have read and understand the information written in the Syllabus for Personal Finance 12th grade

 in Mrs. Wood’s class. 

_____ Have read and understand the information written in the Syllabus for Algebra Applications,

 in Mrs. Wood’s class. 

_____Have read and understand the information written in the Syllabus for Geometry,


 in Mrs. Wood’s class. 


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Parent’s names with accurate cell numbers, along with email addresses Please.